Who is Wellness with Kim

Wellness with Kim is our customer education and shopping portal.
We strive to support our customers in any way we can.Everyone is treated equally Our facilities have the best Air purification capabilities ,killing airborne bacteria and viruses and also on contact therefore keeping everyone safe!We have always and continue to bring the highest quality products from natural sources and at best price
Send us your thoughts, comments, leads or become one of our partners by contacting us at: gaiaholisticwellness@gmail.com
Here is how you can reach us for product information, or consumer inquiries:
Gaia Holistic Wellness
(226) 996-8777


FOR: BioHairScans , Vibroacoustic Therapy or Psych-K sessions

contact Greg at 519-365-1350 * please text, who you are and concerns and Greg will get back to you ASAP * - Thankyou