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You may know me through the Wellness with Kim show which has been live on radio since 2005.   You may also be familiar with our family business Gaia Wellness, which has been serving our local community for over 30 years. Our passion is people, and our local health store has strived to be the natural voice for our community, providing not only a full range of natural health products but specialized services and a wellness clinic

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Our dream has always been to offer our customers, listeners, friends, and family an option to purchase products online. Not only for convenience but to expand our product offering and bring natural health wellness to a broader community that may not be able to visit us in-store. We would love to see you in our store for a face-to-face visit, but if you cannot get to our local store, our website can now come to you.

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Hair-Force synergistically combines 22 natural nutrients to help restore, repair & nourish hair. The combined effect of these vitamins, minerals & nutrient co-factors counteracts the hair-damaging negatives caused by stress, illness, hormonal imbalances & other health & environmental concerns.

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Collagen is a key structural protein, it provides the building blocks you need to support collagen & connective tissue formation & nourish healthy hair, skin and nails. Complete Collagen by Progressive also supports stronger bones, & builds lean muscle.  Available in Unflavoured, Citrus Twist and Tropical Breeze.

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This high potency chlorophyll concentrate is an easy & practical way of creating Chlorophyll Water! Just 10 drops of liquid chlorophyll makes one cup of delicious Chlorophyll Water! I It is also sugar free, preservative free, additive free, & made in Canada.


The Real Easy Program is clinically proven, and is a completely safe, natural, & a highly effective way to achieve & maintain your weight loss goals. The RealEasy™ with PGX meal replacement shakes will greatly reduce appetite, so you will eat less

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"With Care and compassion ,Kim and Greg have the most knowledge in Chatham-Kent when it comes to your Holistic Health and Wellness"

"Greg and Kim are extremely knowledgeable in natural health. They are the only people I trust"


"I wouldn't go anywhere else then to Kim and Greg for my health and wellness needs. You need to go see them at Gaia Wellness !"


"I highly recommend this place. Greg and Kim have many years of knowledge and experience in the holistic wellness field. They have caring hearts and wonderful attitude!"