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PROGRESSIVE VegeGreens (Original - 510 gr)

PROGRESSIVE VegeGreens (Original - 510 gr)

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  • Increases energy & renews mental clarity
  • Helps to cleanse your body, strengthen immunity & balance pH
  • Supports your heart, liver and digestive health
  • A combination of over 60 ingredients
  • Super green foods, plant oils, phytonutrients, herbs & extracts and botanicals
  • Description

    PROGRESSIVE - VegeGreens - 510 Gram(s) - NPN: 80034973 -- VegeGreens is a comprehensive combination of over 60 land, sea and cruciferous vegetables, as well as super green foods, EFAs, pre and probiotics, enzymes and herbal co-factors. With 9 distinctive blends of green foods and plant extracts, VegeGreens supplies an extraordinary spectrum of nutrients ranging from the rare trace minerals found in sea vegetables to the health-enhancing compounds exclusive to cruciferous vegetables. Each small scoop provides the nutrient equivalent of 6 to 8 servings of fresh vegetables.

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