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KMH TOUCHES Flosspot Refills

KMH TOUCHES Flosspot Refills

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KMH Touches - Flosspot Refills - 2 40 ml Units - NPN: 00000000 -- KMH is the first company to offer natural fibre floss in a strong stainless jar. Non toxic stainless is a perfect zero waste packaging for our vegan-friendly floss. finally, a dental floss for vegans that is certified by the illustrious USDA labs. Even though 80% of the worlds corn is now GMO, we believe this floss is superior to any pretroleum-based floss overall-other than the indestructible factor-which is precisely the point. FlosspotGOLD is packaged in a biodegradable cardboard box with only non-toxic inks and glue. Safety seals and window required by Health Canada are plant-based cello. Flosspot is an innovative solution to plastic waste, buy once and refill for life! Floss if you want more...with CORN! www.flosspot.comFLOSSING with natural corn fibre rather than plastic coated in teflon just makes sense. Flossing properly has too many health benefits to mention here - most importantly significantly longer and healthier life.

INGREDIENTSPure Silk, candelilla waxed dental floss. A full 40 Metres of Floss per spool.
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